Hearts Open Earrings- Large

These special earrings have a big heart filled story behind it. Read on find out all about it.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the courage it takes to be the real YOU, to open up your heart for people to see the true you, and invite people to love that person. The image of the fanning heart is a reminder to try and keep our hearts open to let people in, to openly show all our good and bad bits, because that is where the magic LOVE is.

For me, the fanning heart also represents an openness to let love to flow out. It's a reminder to keep an open heart towards others, to try and really see them, trying our best to hold all the judgements and look to understand them.

So that’s the little story behind these earrings. It is my hope that when YOU wear these earrings you are reminded of how beautiful you are, and to try and keep your heart open so that those around you can also see the real you, and love that gorgeous person.

The design has subtle marks throughout. It provides a gorgeous texture for light to reflect, and represents moments we collect over time that have made permanent impression on our heart, marks that should be celebrated because they have made us who we are.

Technical things
Sterling silver
60mm long
43mm wide

*These earrings will be posted within one week of purchase.

All silver used is genuine Sterling Silver (925), so with a little care your jewellery will last you a lifetime. Here are a few simple tips to make your Meg Watson pieces timeless.


Remove your jewellery before having a shower, going in the pool or hot springs, applying perfumes or moisturiser and using cleaning products.


Always use a polishing or micro-fiber cloth to bring back faded shine. Avoid polishing with tissues or paper towel as these can scratch the metal.


Keep your favourite pieces away from other pieces by storing in a seperate box. This will help it avoid touching other pieces and reduce scratching.

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For returns or exchanges, contact Meg Watson directly via meg@megwatson.com.au 

Goods must be shipped within 7 business days following confirmed delivery. If damage has occurred during shipping, please email with photos of the damaged goods.

Used or altered goods will not be accepted for a return or exchange. In the unlikely event of repairs needed, please email meg@megwatson.com.au 

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