Meg Watson Australian Jewellery Designer I’m Meg from Meg Watson Jewellery, a brand of jewellery that dives deep beyond fashion and brings beautifully handcrafted pieces that are uniquely designed to tell a story, evoke an emotion and celebrate creativity.

I love to create jewellery that women connect with, and when worn, make them feel as special and as beautifully unique as they are. For me, jewellery is not something that should be worn to fit in, but something to express ones individually and worthiness to stand out and shine.

Each of my pieces are made with an intention of supporting slow fashion, creating something to treasure and last a lifetime, therefore I choose to use the highest quality materials and silversmith techniques to ensure that only exceptional lasting jewellery moves from my hands to yours. I create small batch collections that are ready to wear, and also love working 1:1 with clients to develop a piece that truly represents them and tells their story.