Duo Luna Necklace - Gold


The constant changes and movement of the moon remind us that life never stands still. With each cycle we are given the opportunity to reflect and grow within ourselves. Align yourself to the phases of the moon with this powerfully feminine piece. Celebrate your unique moon connection with an all-day, everyday necklace worn close to the heart.

With a double pendant, this lightweight statement necklace gives a layered effect without the bulk of multiple chains. Alternate the positions of the full and crescent moons for a different inflection. Elevate yourself in any outfit with this sleek and tender design.

Handmade by Meg Watson from the highest quality gold-filled material. 

Slight variances may exist between photo and item as these are handcrafted pieces and no two pieces are identical. 

The  details:
Chain length - 45cm   |   Weight 2.56g
Largest moon pendant - Length 22mm |  width 15mm 
Material - 14kt Gold-filled metal
Packaged in a white branded gift box
Handmade by Meg Watson on the Sunshine Coast Qld


Luna Love Collection Story

Luna is Latin for moon. How moving is it to gaze up into a clear and balmy night sky and see our majestic moon casting down her light from above? Since moving to the coast and being away from the city lights, I am privileged to get a front row seat to the most amazing sky each evening. That nightly experience has been the driving force of inspiration behind this collection.

Whether you’re inspired by the moon, the earth’s gravitational pull, or believe in its wider influence in our inner world, one thing is for certain, we all share in her beauty. When I feel heavy with the daily grind and challenges of life, it only takes a quick glance up at the moon in all her glory for those worries to dissipate. I am then filled with awe at life itself and how we all fit into the mysterious wonderment that is the universe.

The designs in this collection are influenced by, and made to celebrate, the sublime moon that we all share. Just as she inspires you in your life, I hope this collection connects you a little closer to the marvel of the night sky, leaving you to feel uplifted and connected.

Each piece is polished with a high gloss finish to ensure that when you step out into the world, you will also dazzle like our moon. The world is craving to see you step into yourself and stand bright in the loving lunar light.

All silver used is genuine Sterling Silver (925), so with a little care your jewellery will last you a lifetime. Here are a few simple tips to make your Meg Watson pieces timeless.


Remove your jewellery before having a shower, going in the pool or hot springs, applying perfumes or moisturiser and using cleaning products.


Always use a polishing or micro-fiber cloth to bring back faded shine. Avoid polishing with tissues or paper towel as these can scratch the metal.


Keep your favourite pieces away from other pieces by storing in a seperate box. This will help it avoid touching other pieces and reduce scratching.

For any enquiries, please contact Meg Watson directly via meg@megwatson.com.au or via the contact us form below.


For returns or exchanges, contact Meg Watson directly via meg@megwatson.com.au 

Goods must be shipped within 7 business days following confirmed delivery. If damage has occurred during shipping, please email with photos of the damaged goods.

Used or altered goods will not be accepted for a return or exchange. In the unlikely event of repairs needed, please email meg@megwatson.com.au 

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